Coaching Tarot

La baraja del Tarot tiene un gran poder. Incluye incluye arquetipos universales (arcanos mayores), situaciones de la vida (arcanos menores) y las cartas de la corte (arcanos menores que van más allá de simples situaciones). A partir de la lectura de las cartas surgen situaciones y nuevas preguntas que pueden ayudarte a tomar en consideración nuevas perspectivas para tu vida. Te atreves?

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Eva’s reading was thoughtful and interpretive. I gained a lot of insight from her. – Pracheta, Sri Lanka

«I had a video conference tarot card reading with Eva on career and the two different areas of business I am developing. For the main business, she correctly tuned into the past events, what I was creating now and also the possible outcome. When we looked at my second possible stream of income, again the cards were very accurate with the past, present circumstances, giving me faith the potential outcome with become reality. Many thanks Eva!» Michele, London

«Eva has a beautiful way about delivering messages. She helped me phrase my questions and even pulled extra cards so that the interpretation of the cards were not confusing. She made sure I understood each step of the way and had a very gentle and caring way about her. Thank you for such a beautiful reading». Kendra, Canada